Friday, March 27, 2009

On the subject of Beaches

No, I am not starting with a Bette Midler lyric.

You might have noticed that many of my title pictures on this blog have me on the beach. Reason is simple... it is my favorite place in the world!

This weekend, I am going to get away for a while to the beach. It will be my first trip to this particular beach, which is Long Beach in southern Washington.

I spent many a summer on the beaches of the east coast. In my younger years, hours upon hours were spent in Bethany Beach, Delaware. We lived right on the boardwalk in a complex called Ocean House. I wish I could recapture the sound of the waves through the open window in my bedroom or better yet, the sounds of summer off the front porch.

Mornings would be for body surfing on the waves and just playing in the sand.

Afternoons would be spent playing baseball on a sandlot next to the townhouses. We'd buy flour and make lines for the field and we'd play until Mom called us in for dinner.

Evenings were almost always spent walking down the boardwalk to "downtown" where we would get ice cream or licorice at Sherry's Sweet Shoppe. Then it was off to see Mr. Fisk at the miniature golf course.

That was the life.

Later years were spent on the beach at Seabrook Island, but there, it was more like spending time at the beachside pool. I didn't really go on the beach a lot when I lived there, but it always seemed like I was "on the beach."

When I went back to visit my parents there after moving away, my appreciation for the beach grew. And as my Mom and Dad both passed, it was this beach that gave me my "place."

Those were the wavy beaches of the Atlantic. The Pacific always seems to be rocky, expecially up here in Washington. I understand that Long Beach is more like the Atlantic beaches... so I am looking forward to it.

The sound... the feel... the peace. Yes. I am definitely looking forward to the beach.

See you soon.

Yours truly,
Johnny Blogger

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the subject of Refocusing

I have been reading the news, hearing the reports, seeing the statistics. Now I know what they are talking about.

Yesterday, I was dealt a first hand blow courtesy of the new economy of America. My job over the next few days is to figure out how to do what I have been doing for the last two years, and for less pay and with less help. Welcome to the new reality.

My first reaction was to be bitter and angry, Then I remembered something written by a fellow blogger in her most recent post. She said "We are not the job we do, the house or car or big plasma screen TV in our possession... yet, if you end up losing those items or experiences in your present moment, and you feel pain and suffering at that loss, that means your ego is attached to those things. You have the power, in that moment, to honor and recognize those emotions because it's a wonderful opportunity to get back in to alignment with who you truly are. What you focus on grows."

My ego had taken a huge blow as all I could think about is all the hard work I had put into this particular project... the extra hours of production... the constant thought process of how to make it better. All I could think was "I did all this and this is how they repay me?"

My wife had to spend many hours talking me down. She reminded me not to take it personally, which was all I was doing. The reason was not for the work I was losing, but for the news I would have to give others that their job was being cut back, eliminated or asking them to do their great work and not get paid as much for it.

The second call I had to make was someone who had been with me from day one on the project. It was not enough that in the past month or so, his son was the victim of a terrible accident, or on this very day, that he was losing his father in law. No, now, it was time, albeit the wrong time, to tell him that despite all his hard work, that we were going to have to figure out a different way to work together.

This morning, I didn't even want to get out of bed. I worked through the day, productive as I could be, but still with the guilt and distraction. Then, after dinner, headache still a present companion, I decided to open up the computer and write. First, redoing my Facebook status from earlier in the day which read "here's hoping people understand that what happens in the business world does not effect the way I think about people on a personal level."

The new one reads: "is remembering to breathe. Okay. Now that I have reminded myself, I must remember to continue doing it. Okay. So far so good. Oops. Mind Wandered." Even with everything in life, I still keep my sense of humor (much like a cherished other fellow blogger.)

It was at that moment I decided to go back to reading some blogs, and was guided back to that post. I felt pain and suffering because it was all about my ego... the way people think of me. It was not something I could control, thus it was a great source of stress. But as a card given to me once said "no one can ever make you believe anything you don't want to believe."

Again, I focused on the blog's meaning. Take inventory of what is good. Those of you who know me and those who read this blog understand I know how to do that. With that as a benchmark, here goes:

I have a wife who loves me and believes in me every moment of every day.
I have two kids who love me and one who even makes me laugh most of the time.
I still can make my mortgage payments and even do some fun things, which makes me luckier than many of the people I know.
I know that in this world, I have a higher meaning to my life that I have yet to find, and that this experience is pushing me to find it even harder now.
I know that by merely writing these words that at least one person will take solace in the fact that they are doing okay and should take inventory themselves.

So the refocusing commences, as I learn to take care of myself in new ways - focusing inward so that the radiance and joy can flow outwards. For someone who is happy 98 percent of the time, it's an adjustment to get out of the land of the blues, but step one of the journey starts now.

Thanks Kim.

Yours truly,
Johnny Blogger

P.S. - My son just came out wearing his "My Dad Rocks" shirt, with a note attached below it. It said "no matter what!" He seemed so happy to show it to me. Now that is what life is all about.

Monday, March 9, 2009

On the subject of Life's Soundtrack

Okay, here’s another one of those Facebook challenges… from Brent Ruth… the instructions are thus:

Think of 15 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically, shaped your world.

Now to my personalization of it…

Okay – since I take these things one step further – I will pick the top tracks off them as well! (You can find them on Google now!)

Helen Reddy – I Am Woman
Okay… start the presses and make fun of me, but it was the first album I ever bought when I was like 7 years old. I loved the sound of her voice and I used to hear her on the radio. She might have been one of my first crushes too.
More than anything, I think it set the stage for my relationships with women, and made me realize at an early age the importance and wonderment of the other sex.
4. Peaceful – One of my first favorite songs… a song about serenity
6. Where Is the Love? – a classic
7. I Am Woman – It was the anthem of the time and probably set me up for the statement I use more than about any other “in the battle of the sexes, I rarely root for my own side.”
9. This Masquerade – Love the George Benson version of this song as well.

Abba – Waterloo
This was one of the first albums I bought and I really liked Anna. Great sound. I think that I just liked the title track though and kept playing it over and over.

Barry Manilow Live
As a teenager, I was not sure who I was going to turn out to be. There were many feelings of guilt and self doubt because of a lot of complex issues, the biggest of which was the fact I never seemed to be able to find a girl to like me. So I would be at home sometimes when my parents went out, and I would blast this album on the big stereo and sing at the top of my lungs.
1. Riders to the Stars – first song on the album and a great opener.
3. Looks Like We Made It – a boy who wanted to dream that he actually had a girl.
4. New York City Rhythm – just liked the song.
7. This One's for You – Love sick heartbreaking sing out!
10. Weekend in New England – Hopeless romantics unite.
12. Could It Be Magic/Mandy – Classic Manilow.
13. It's a Miracle – When I wasn’t feeling down, a great song to sing. When I was down, even better.

Soundtrack – Grease
Look at me, I was Sandra Dee. At least that was what the other kids in the neighborhood thought of me. I was the clean cut kid who always stayed out of trouble. I dreamed of being Danny, but was probably more of a Kenickie. But in reality, I was Sandy, a love struck pup who just wanted to be able to date someone who everyone else liked.
2. Summer Nights by Olivia Newton-John – tell me more, tell me more. Every great romance I had as a teen was a summertime romance.
4. You're the One That I Want by Olivia Newton-John – Olivia Newton-John. Spandex Pants. Do I need to go on here?
6. Beauty School Dropout by Frankie Avalon – An in home karaoke hit which one day I need to do in public.
7. Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee by Stockard Channing – See above.
8. Greased Lightnin' by John Travolta – I loved to perform this with the gang at Confetti Night Club. We had all the choreography.
15. Born to Hand Jive by Sha Na Na – I know the hand jive… do you?
22. We Go Together by Olivia Newton-John – I actually can sing this whomp bam boo song all the way through

Billy Joel – The Stranger
Sitting by the pool, dreaming of going out with Kim Hill, seeing her sister Debbie who gave me my first kiss, hanging out with Kenny, Paul and the gang. Having that first puppy love date with Shellie Donohoe. Dreaming of fitting in… that was in my head when this album hit my ears. It is the only album here that every song has a meaning.
1. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) – The search for independence began here.
2. The Stranger – feeling like I am on the outside when I am really in.
3. Just the Way You Are – the way I wished people felt about me.
4. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – I wasn’t Brenda or Eddie.
6. Only the Good Die Young – so I pray I don’t die before I’m 50.
7. She's Always a Woman – I used to sing this about Kim Hill… boy, talk about puppy love.
9. Everybody Has a Dream – and so do I.

Soundtrack – Saturday Night Fever
I love disco. There, I said it. And this is obviously the penultimate disco album. However my story goes deeper. It was in Spain and France where I really got into this album. I was traveling on a school trip with a number of other schools from around the country. When I had gone to lunch with 4 girls from Karns High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, we got into a taxi that took us to the wrong hotel. We missed our tour and were basically on our own for the day. We spent it learning dances from the movie. Kelly Seaman (who I had a big crush on) Karen Ohnesorge (who became my big time penpal and very good long distance friend) and her two classmates went through all the choreography for “Night Fever.” We all, as teenagers, performed the dance in a grown up disco in San Sebastian and received a big ovation from the stunned crowd in the disco, who all wondered how these kids could dance so well.
1. Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees – a classic.
3. Night Fever by The Bee Gees – see story above.
5. If I Can't Have You by Yvonne Elliman – a great lyric.
12. Jive Talkin' by The Bee Gees
13. You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gees
17. Disco Inferno by The Trammps – perhaps the best disco song of all time.

Supertramp – Breakfast in America
Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Summertime at the beach as a teenager. I was a disc jockey at a roller skating rink and helped out with the local dances. But on the juke box at Seabrook was The Logical Song. I remember singing this song in my car with the Sovinski sisters and can still remember to this day most of the words to the tracks below. It was a great time in my life and one I will remember fondly always.
2. The Logical Song – the single from the album and a song that is so true for all of us who think we should be logical.
3. Goodbye Stranger – an anthem for saying goodbye to people I grew to love, but knew I would never see again.
4. Breakfast in America – Singing in the car down Bohicket Road with Linda and Sharon.
6. Take the Long Way Home - Because I never wanted these days to ever end.

Donna Summer – On the Radio
Tuesday and Friday nights were the greatest nights of the week when I spent Summers at Seabrook. That is because those were the nights that neighboring Kiawah Island held their teen dances. On those nights, the gang would all go over to the bike shack where the rec director, Frank Olivetto would spin the tunes. He had a limited selection, that is, until I volunteered my huge dance music collection. The final song every dance… Last Dance.
I never wanted to hear that song, as it always meant the dance was over. Sometimes, it would mean the end of an amazing night with a cute girl. Other nights, it was the end of a victorious evening when Elizabeth Scheld, a 98 pound wonder of a dancer, would have won our umteenth t-shirt for winning the couple’s dance competition. Every time I hear the song, I am transported back… wishing for those days when the only thing that would outnumber my dreams were the stars above.
1. On the Radio – a song you can belt out on the way to the dance.
8. Heaven Knows – a duet with Brooklyn Dreams – and a classic dance song.
9. Last Dance – see above.
10. MacArthur Park – Someone left my cake out in the rain?
11. Hot Stuff – along with
12. Bad Girls – one of the best dance songs ev-ah!
13. Dim All the Lights – an underrated Summer Song and one of my favorites.
14. Sunset People – Another underrated song – very LA.
15. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) – with Babs and a fun duet.

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall
When you are a DJ in a roller disco, you have to have this album in your rack. These songs are still among my favorites to roll too, and I have done it all these years later. Yes, I can still dance on skates, although I am much more terrified of falling now.
1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough – a fast dance. Crossing my skates and snapping my fingers.
2. Rock With You – I am turning backwards and dancing my wheels off.
5. Off the Wall – third place of these songs, but still darn good.

Pat Benatar – In the Heat of the Night
For years, Kristy McNichol was the object of my crush affection. That was until I heard the spandex covered, powerful female sound of Pat Benatar. And life was never the same. I have seen her more than any other artist in concert and still think she’s pretty spectacular these days, even though I still prefer picturing her back in the 80’s. Sign.
1. Heartbreaker – How could someone so tiny sing something so big.
6. We Live for Love – shows off her operatic skills and made me enjoy high notes.

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
My friends as a teenager loved three artists – The Who, Rolling Stones, and Bruce. This was the album I most associate with those Friday nights in Paul Gerrity’s basement, with everyone pairing off into their own couples and little ol’ me dreaming of one day being part of a couple.
1. Thunder Road – first song on the album and the start of any beer laden singalong.
5. Born to Run – we all loved this song… what Bruce fan doesn’t? Also led to one of my favorite times in a comedy show when a comic played this song and I screamed 1-2-3-4 at the perfect time, causing him to stop and say, “no one has ever done that – very cool.”
8. Jungleland – When we sang this, there was a lot of passion in the room… and that was not about sex… just friendship.

Pretty in Pink Soundtrack
I love John Hughes movies, and this, while underrated, was one of his best. I was not Ducky, I just thought I was. I was not poor like the lead, but identified with her greatly. It’s the story of someone who just wants a place in the world, and I could see myself there when this album came out.
1. If You Leave by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – a great coming of age song.
2. Left of Center by Suzanne Vega – identified with this more than any other song, although it seems that even though I thought I was Left of Center, I was just normal
5. Pretty in Pink by The Psychedelic Furs – Title track, nuff said.
6.Shellshock by New Order – I wore out two cassettes of this album with this one song along. I would always play it when I took off on an airplane for a trip. I would be asleep by the end of the song.
8. Wouldn't It Be Good by Danny Hutton Hitters – The song I believe in more times than not – about being in a different place and time when times aren’t so great.
10. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths – The title is self explanatory.

Prince – Purple Rain/The Time – Ice Cream Castles
My best friend and I loved this movie and the music from it led to many night of dancing with our girlfriends. Later, when I worked at Confetti, I would do performances of The Time from this movie. It was the best music of my leaving college days.
1. Let's Go Crazy by Prince & the Revolution – Just a great party song.
2. Take Me With U by Prince & the Revolution – a great cruising song… and how many of you ladies wanted to be Apollonia?
5. Darling Nikki by Prince & the Revolution – I actually played this during a happy hour when I was a DJ and got in trouble. Saw an incredible performance of this song just last night at a birthday party. Timeless entertainment.
7. I Would Die 4 U by Prince & the Revolution along with.
8. Baby I'm a Star by Prince & the Revolution – one of the best combo songs of all time.
9. Purple Rain by Prince & the Revolution – an anthem of all anthems.
The Time – Ice Cream Castles
4. Jungle Love – Oh Ee Oh EE oh!
6. The Bird – We learned all the choreography and did the routine at Confetti as the lipsync group “White Time is It.” I was Morris Knight!

Celine Dion – Unison
I am guessing it is probably not hip to love Celine Dion, but you didn’t listen to Celine when I did. I was in Detroit covering a lacrosse game and the league asked me to stay an extra day so that they would not have to pay more for the plane ticket. Back in those days, it was easier to pay for another night in the hotel than the extra plane fare. So I stayed the extra night on my own and had a great adventure beginning with a basketball game, spending the day at the auto show (where I discovered an old college friend as one of the car models – leading to an unexpected lunch) and ending with Stars on Ice. When I returned to the hotel room, there was a special with this new star on CBC singing in French and her newly learned English. Her name… Celine Dion.
I won’t list the tracks as I loved all of them.
As a postscript, her songs would provide the soundtrack of my honeymoon and wedding including “When I Fall in Love” and “The Power of Love”

Elton John – Greatest Hits 1976-1986
My wife turned me onto Elton John’s music as we were dating. Philadelphia Freedom was always one of my favorite songs. “Can you feel the Love tonight” was “our song.” This album was the one she seemed to play the most.
1. I'm Still Standing
6. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
9. I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues

Amy Winehouse – Back in Black
How can Amy Winehouse and I have anything in common? I first heard her on British radio a few years ago and called her a new millennium Nancy Sinatra. I loved her sound. Then, I found out what a mess she was. Rather than writing her off, I just began to love her music more. Last year, I thought of a song to debut at my first improv karaoke night and decided Rehab would be funny. Little did I know if the importance of that song in helping me understand my life.
1. Rehab – see above.
2. You Know I'm No Good – Kate Jaeger rocked my world with her performance of this song on that night, and I am trying to figure out how to do a guy’s version of it.
6. Love Is a Losing Game – One of the most tragic love songs of all time, and most beautiful at the same time.
7. Tears Dry on Their Own – When I went through a bit of the blues last year, I sang this song a lot.

Well there you have it. What makes me take a simple game and turn it into a novel. It’s all a journey in self realization and another exercise in counting my blessings. If these songs brought back some memories for you, I am very pleased. If they reminded you of me, then I am truly honored.

On the subject of Alphabetical Analysis

I met Keridwyn last night at Hula Hula, and discovered a fellow blogger who seems to like the lists... and had one I had never seen... so thank you Miss D for inspiring me to do this one.

Here's my life from A to Z.

- Available: to be a good friend and a great ear to anyone who needs me
- Age: --- 46 in May
- Annoyance: --- mean people and people who talk during movies.
- Animal: Giant Panda

- Beer: -- I like the ads, but don’t drink any
- Birthday: --- May 12th, same as my son.
- Best Friend: --- Guys: Klobucar, Steve and Watson. Gals: Mary Stuart, Kelly, and most of all, my honey.
- Body Part on opposite sex: --- legs and shoulders
- Best feeling in the world: --- being appreciated
- Blind or Deaf: --- deaf as I have learned to communicate in that environment
- Best weather: --- 72 and sunny
- Been in Love: --- why, yes I am
- Been on stage?: --- perform in improv show
- Believe in Magic: --- karaoke at Hula Hula
- Believe in Santa: --- used to

- Candy: --- Sour patch kids
- Color: --- Blue
- Chocolate/Vanilla: --- Vanilla but not in personality
- Chinese/Mexican Food: --- Mexican (southwestern)
- Cake or pie: --- Cheesecake (is that a pie?)
- Continent to visit: --- Australia
- Cheese: --- Ones I don’t have a reaction to.

- Day or Night: --- Formerly a night owl, but now enjoy the day
- Dancing in the rain: --- I will someday

- Eyes: --- Brown
- Everyone's got: --- to love each other
- Ever failed a class?: --- I came close to failing Trigonometry, but my teacher took pity on me.

- First thoughts waking up: --- what do I have to do
- Food: --- Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

- Greatest Fear: --- not being liked
- Goals: --- to make a real difference in the lives of the people I know, and even people I don’t
- Gum: --- Big Red or Eclipse Green
- Get along with your parents?: --- I did… and I miss them dearly.

- Hair Color: --- Brown
- Height: --- 6-4
- Happy: --- Yes I am.
- Holiday: --- Not into them as much anymore.
- How do you want to die: --- Sleeping at an old age with someone I love holding my hand

- Ice Cream: --- Haggen Daas Lemon Sorbet
- Instrument: --- I can play the piano by ear, but only songs I think I know.

- Jewelry: --- Wedding ring. I have a bracelet my wife gave me, but it bothers my wrist.
- Job: --- Television Producer

- Kids: --- Two – Char and Drew
- Kickboxing or karate: --- MMA if I did anything
- Keep a journal?: --- My life is on a blog and on Facebook

- Love: --- My Honey
- Letter: --- S
- Laughed so hard you cried: --- at *&$( in the Box on SNL.

- Milk flavor: --- Nonfat
- Movies: --- Romantic Comedies and Action without gore
- Motion sickness?: --- Talk to me after my cruise
- McD’s or BK: --- McD’s

- Number: --- 21

- One wish: --- that people would remember and utilize the Golden Rule.

- Perfect Pizza: --- Pepperoni or CPK Thai Chicken
- Pepsi/Coke: --- Pepsi (although now it’s always a half & half)

- Quality/Quantity: --- quality

- Reason to cry: --- Many Grey’s Anatomy episodes or when I feel like it
- Reality T.V.: --- Survivor, and sometimes Dancing with the Stars
- Radio Station: --- Capital Radio in London, BBC Radio 1 and XM Radio
- Roll your tongue in a circle: --- Yep
- Ring size: --- I think it is a 7

- Song: --- Rehab by Amy Winehouse for not the reason you think.
- Shoe size: --- 11
- Salad Dressing: --- Thousand Island
- Sushi: --- I’ve tried it.
- Skinny dipped?: --- Once, once.
- In the shower?: --- Soap, Wash Hair, Shave, Get Out
- Strawberries/Blueberries: --- Strawberries with Powdered Sugar

- Tattoos?: --- Never ever
- Time for bed: --- After Letterman’s Monologue or Headlines on Monday with Jay
- Thunderstorms: --- I miss them from the south, but don’t miss how nervous they made me on tornado watches.

- Unpredictable: --- No, except when I am on stage.

- Vacation spot(s): --- South Carolina and this year, Alaska

- Weakness: --- self confidence, focus and addiction to blogging and Facebook
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: --- Mary Stuart
- Who makes you laugh the most: --- Klobucar and Steve
- Worst feeling: --- self doubt
- Wanted to be a model: --- I couldn’t work!
- Worst Weather?: --- Rain… so why do I live here?
- X-Rays: --- yep.
- X-Men --- best pez dispenser (had to add that one)

-Year it is now: --- 2009
-Yellow: --- means get through the light.

- Zoo animal: --- Giant panda

1. Slept in a bed beside you? --- Gale
2. You went to the mall with? --- Gale and the kids
3. You went to dinner with? --- Gale and the Kids at Rubys
4. You talked to on the phone? --- Steve
5. Made you laugh? --- Fred Umayum and his Facebook status
6. Hugged you? --- Kaci
7. Said they loved you? --- Gale
8. Held your hand? --- Gale
9. You spoke with? --- Someone to reschedule an appointment
10. You cried over? --- the reaction to the 300 note.

Until the next one that inspires me...

Yours truly,
Johnny Blogger

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On the subject of Taking Inventory... a thank you to the 300

Today, I reached the 300 friend mark on Facebook. My wife was kidding me as I seemed to be counting down to the mark, but as I reached it, it seemed to be a calling to me. She said, “you are just collecting friends.” I disagreed with her as I said I knew all of the people personally with only about 5 exceptions where we met through similar interests. I told her I had a story I could tell about each and every one.
This is the second time I have approached 300, but I was asked by my work to remove a number of associated friends – it’s a long story, but if it was not the case, this would be close to a 500 story list.
So in the tradition of 25 random facts and 44 things, here are 300 personal stories, a journey through a life of friends. There is a pattern to it and if you read through them, there is no doubt you can identify yourself. I truly am appreciative of each and every one of you… so enjoy the ride, and the stories. We start with friend number one, in some particular order.
- A great radio host and friend from back in the KJR days.
- Has worked with me at the University on Big Screen Presentations
- A fun improviser who I spent an afternoon with after our musical improv class and had a blast.
- The King of IDEA Karaoke!
- A good friend of the improv family, and by proxy, a friend of mine.
-A talented cameraman who I first met at Washington State University on such a snowy night we had to shoot inside all day.
- A traveler and an extended member of the family.
- Wrestler and commentator and someone who has successfully fished for many FB friends, however, I think I could genuinely call him a friend.
- My girlfriend my freshman year at SMU, but has turned out to be an even better trusted friend who genuinely cares about me. Has a life journey that could be a movie with some truly life changing experiences.
- A fun improviser from my UP class days that I call by one simple letter.
- Former morning man at my college radio station, and fun to work with.
- Former Sports Editor at the Daily Campus who actually let me write a column for the paper.
- Sports Information Guru at the University. Became FB friends when we did a project together and I never took him off.
- One of the true nice guys at CNN and actually became a boss of one of my protégées.
- Formerly a regular member of my TV crew – loves to do PA for High School events, which makes him a kindred spirit.
- Extremely intelligent professor at an Ivy League school who I met at one of my wife’s reunion parties.
- Very funny improviser who I shared two different classes with. Love her concerned look.
- Web Wizard at KING 5 that went big time. I think he’s had more new ideas for a television website than anyone I know.
- Voice of the Cal Bears who was very helpful in trying to help me get a stat program that worked with my scoreboard.
- Game show guru and former publisher of a Pro Wrestling newsletter. If I ever need a nostalgia kick, I can get one from him.
- Very funny video guru at Tulsa who can make me laugh heartily at his status updates.
- NASCAR Driver who drives on the Nationwide Circuit. Lucky enough to get to spend a weekend with his race team last year.
- The video guru at Comcast Arena and a guy who works with me to make the Rat City Rollergirls look so great. Really has gone through it all in this business and someone I enjoy working with.
- Helped Introduce me (along with her ex) to the woman who is now my wife, and for that I will be eternally grateful.
- One of the strongest women… strike that… people I have ever known… but more importantly, someone who I truly like and hope that our future dreams of an improv group can come true.
- Friend from elementary school, high school and recently got back in touch through FB.
- Veteran Anchor at KING 5 who I see around the station. He and I share a hometown and a love for NASCAR.
- Probably the most in love guy I know with his new bride. One of the funniest and kindest of the professional improvisers I know.
- Shares a name with another of my FB friends, making things quite confusing, but this one is a great writer for the Everett Herald covering the Huskies.
- Where to I start with “wonderbride?” Newswoman, improviser, future television host (gosh I hope) and a great person to be around.
- The best gymnastics commentator in the country and she works for me. How lucky am I?
- Former College leader at IDEA and recent winner of the big prize for college video. Understated in his humor but has really been a great friend in the biz.
- Shared CNN moments with him and saw him get a dream job only to have it turn into a nightmare. Glad he’s back on track!
- Spiritual and actual leader of the lacrosse team I was on in high school. His brother played as well.
- Guided me through the toughest challenge of my professional career and helped me stand up to a major network. Considering he’s had hip hop big wigs settle instead of fight him, I’d call him courageous as well.
- Morning radio personality who is mutual friends with me and my wife. You can see him in Penguin Windows television commercials.
- Former video coordinator at the U and now an assistant coach. One of the most positive people I know and I wish we could have worked together for a lot longer. Glad we keep in touch here.
- One of my closest friends from high school. Dated one of my best friends and ended up going to the homecoming dance with me after her breakup and when my girlfriend could not make the trip down. Genuinely have affection for her and am happy that life turned out great with two wonderful daughters.
- Station manager at KSMU who gave me my first break as a sportscaster.
- Member of my softball team and Husky fanatic. Really great guy who understands more about me than most people.
- Former executive assistant at a cable network and the only person I know that has a Mariners jersey with the name Ball Girl on the back (she was one!)
- One of the heads of Jet City Improv. I think he is a long lost brother of Brian Benben of Dream On and Private Practice fame. Great dojo teacher and master ninja as well.
- Worked with him at FSN, and he helped me try to buy a house. I didn’t which worked out well for me as it turns out. Shared CNN memories together. He has a great newsletter he sends out to his real estate customers… and if you need to buy or sell, this is the guy!
- Significant other to my favorite improv teacher. Shares a name with one of my close friends from the wrestling days, although their personalities could not be further apart.
- Formerly on my softball team, and now living in Gig Harbor. Victim of my greatest memory of being a softball manager when I gave her a Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker routine that brought her to tears laughing and made the other team think I was nuts.
- One of the gang at Seabrook Island with Mike, Albert and Mary Stuart. Remember him being the mastermind of interrupting one of my dates on a deserted road.
- Great mom to my kids best friends and is a great friend herself. Going through one of life’s toughest transitions right now and if anyone can make it through her faith, it would be her.
- Superhero and the only guy I have ever seen admit he likes wearing the costume. Hopefully will be a great host for our improv group and a nice guy to boot.
- This guy singlehandedly help me get a job when most of the other CNN guys thought I was just a goofball. Spent many a late night in the Airport Channel studios doing resume tapes and running prompter for each other. Now a morning news anchor in Spokane.
- Fraternity brother at Lambda Chi in my pledge class.
- Director of promotions and marketing at my television station. Has been great to work with.
- Greatest Midwest accent in the world. She moved away and now has moved back on her “Great Adventure,” and I am sure happy she’s back. Hope she will be part of the improv group as she is fun to work with don’tchaknow.
- Knew her as a totally different person in my high school days. Now a free spirit living in Las Vegas under a totally different name.
- My best friend in 6th grade who has yet to respond to any messages or wall posts. I almost wonder if he is mad at me about something. He was one of the inspirations for my love for blogging.
- Former special event coordinator at the U who moved back east with her family to raise her daughter in a less frenzied environment than Seattle. Role model for what I dream of doing someday.
- Good friend from high school and best friend of one of my close friends. Could always make me smile.
- I love this woman, and she is not my wife. She is my longest tenured friend, my little sister and one of the greatest people I know. Will forever be in my heart and always have a piece of me with her, even though we are separated by an entire country. She has helped me through bad times and cheered me through the good. I will always love her very much.
- An intern at my company who did a great job on his projects.
- Mommy to be and great musical improv teacher. Funny lady.
- I met this guy when he was a snot nosed punk. No really he was. Now I consider him one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know and am lucky to have him on my crew.
- Ad wizard who I met when she was working in the football office at the U. Wonderful to work with and I hope we can work together on something in the future.
- IDEA Counterpart in Minnesota who apparently loves Facebook applications.
- Education Director at my improv place, and a wonderfully kind person. First time I tried to talk to her, I was told she couldn’t talk to me. Turns out that was literal. Now she’s back talking and doing great work.
- Blogger who I met in improv class. Has one of the great spirits I know. Discovered we had a mutual friend from the most interesting of circumstances who thinks the world of her as well.
- One of my wife’s best friends and a great mom. She sang at our wedding and made my dad fall in love all over again with her song.
- Husband and former pastor. Helped do a memorial service for my Dad here in Seattle that allowed my family to grieve. I will always be thankful to him for that.
- Quiet storm of my 201b and 301 improv class. Accompanied me to Hula Hula for post class Karaoke because he understood that it was good for chemistry. Will always deny the camera angle for our last scene in 201 video.
- Friend of a friend who shared a fun day with me in West Seattle
- Sportscaster and great story teller at KING 5. Was an intern for me at Channel 11 and I always had a hunch he would make it… and now he has. Funny FB status and wall posts too!
- New college leader for IDEA from Purdue. Great communicator through FB and helped me launch the FB IDEA group. Very talented designer. Wish I had his eye for the artistic.
- Former salesman at KJR and friend from back in the radio days.
- “The French Guy” from improv class, and very interesting person to know. Wish he would have performed with us longer, but seemed to want to move away from it.
- Stat guy from the Mariners and very helpful at ASU when I was working on an FSN project. Happy he’s up here.
- President of IDEA and person who redefined the word “gone” for me. I hope he can find some good work after the good works he’s done for many of us.
- My first improv teacher at UP and an inspiration to keep going. Sorry she moved to Philly, but happy she chases the dream.
- Friend from BYU from IDEA… really sought my help on some projects and I was honored to do so.
- Quarterback of my high school football team and big man on campus. Went back to the school to teach in later life, which I always thought was cool.
- “Look at you my special friend.” Caesar from Teatro Zinzanni and I look forward to meeting him after his Evening with Groucho show later this month.
- The man behind Dawgman and unknowingly started the longest, most inane thread in the history of the message board just by saying that he talked to me.
- Former Sports Anchor at CNN Headline News and still at it, although he does real estate on the side. Nice guy.
- One of the Backstreet Boys from Virginia Tech from IDEA Chicago. Actually dedicated his karaoke song to me, although I still don’t know why.
- Long time producer who helped me find my first office. Talented curler and that is not something you can say about many Americans.
- Intern at UW who worked with me for gymnastics. Must have the largest shirt
collection from all the team he roots for and worked for.
- Worked for the company I used to share an office with. Nice young lady who was always looking for a break and found one traveling the country. One of my first Twitter followers too.
- Former web wizard for CBS who worked with me at SMU.
- Friend at Seabrook Island as a teenager. Now a spiritual music singer with a happy family life.
- Actress and Improviser. Happy I did not attend her Halloween party as she probably would think I liked her outfit just a little too much.
- Amazing director at Jet City. Hope to take a class or be directed by her someday as she was the director of one of the most incredible improv shows I have ever or ever will see.
- Works with me on the crew at football and as a counterpart with the Seahawks.
- Worked with me on the old Pinnacle Wrestling shows. Has a much different look about her now, and I think she’s got a good future in the business.
- Only person who went to high school and college with me. Living a wonderful life with her family now. Only wished we would have been better friends in college. Kinda lonely those days were.
- Technical director and production business owner who works with me from time to time.
- An amazingly talented young man who I have been honored to work with. Has made my company’s productions look incredible and I hope we will continue to work together in the future.
- Promotions director at KJR and future Mrs. Softy. Great to work with on the renegade coaches show.
- Video wizard at the University of Houston and fellow member of IDEA
- King of Promos at the Mariners and very helpful when I did Mariners Weekly for FSN.
- How about a scratch? One of the people I worked with at NewsSource at CNN. Hasn’t seemed to change a bit and a very nice guy.
- Met him as the Media Man at the WIAA and now he’s at the Seahawks. Always has great ideas and am thankful for his help in letting us use Qwest Field for our High School media days for the Blitz.
- Former co-worker with my wife, now the boss at one of the top station groups in Seattle. Very helpful to me personally as someone in the executive offices who can help me understand business.
- Only of my wife’s Hum-Chums (It’s the Humanities department folks) and very entertaining raconteur.
- A person who my wife should get together with more… calming influence on her. Also the mom of a little girl my son has a crush on.
- Possibly the smartest kid in my school. Scored a perfect score on his SAT’s then went to Harvard.
- Queen of the Airwaves on KUBE 93. A budding television star when I worked with her at FSN before she moved to Phoenix. Called her my secret weapon. Wish we could have worked together more.
- PR Director at FSN. Always knew how to filter through the BS of Fox and was a great person to talk to when the world was going crazy there.
- Friend of Adjil who I met at a powerlifting meet on a sunny day in West Seattle. Great day.
- Gamma Phi Beta at SMU who I remember well from college. Turns out she lives in Seattle now! Hope we can get together and catch up in person sometime soon.
- Used to come over to my house to watch WWE Pay Per Views. Saw Hulk Hogan turn heel and were still marking out! All grown up now… amazingly.
- Talented improviser who I got to know at the first Improv Karaoke night. Very nice!
- She’s my Dawg from Georgia. Played on my softball team and worked with me at the U. Calls me Skipper! And she’s a Dawg and would never be called a dog.
- He came to work for me as an intern type looking to get into the television business and is about to start working full time for a cable network. Very happy for him and it has been great watching him grow in the business and his recent status of fatherhood. Great first baseman too!
- One half of the Bopsy twins although she doesn’t know the nickname. Funny young lady who probably wondered why the Old Man found her so funny.
- When I first took a class with this woman, I was intimidated as hell and mentioned it on FB once. She never realized I felt that way, and now we are improv friends. She is an original in a good way.
- Freshman member of my HS basketball team and better than me as a Senior. Big time basketball fan here in Seattle and quite the political mover.
- Honcho of UP and a very good improv teacher as well.
- Big time stud of the football team back in high school. Great to catch up with him on FB
- One of my favorite people met through improv classes. One of the reasons I call my Spring 201 class my family. Inspired me to do my blog through her incredibly entertaining blog. Genuinely hope she finds the elusive life partner as she is a wonderful catch.
- If we didn’t live on opposite coasts, I think we would probably hang out. Funny woman who I met at IDEA and instantly took a liking to. Works for NASCAR which makes me envious. Karaoke night with her was most memorable part of Chicago trip.
- How do you put in short words the love of your life? My best friend. My honey. My Schmoopy. The person who makes me who I am, and I will forever be her loving hubby,
- Texan who is an improv fan and the only person I have met in Seattle that knows where Plano is.
- One of the most surprising FB friend requests ever. Liked her in college, but thought she didn’t like me much. Now living a much different life out in the sticks but seems very happy.
- Spectacularly nice former gymnast at the U. Have a picture of us that she gave to me as a way to say thank you for the work I did with her and the gymnastics team. I have actually had some people who visit my office if that is a picture of me and my wife! Very special part of working with the gym team.
- One of the great people from my sister school back in the prep days.
- The most talented singer and improviser I know. Can always make me laugh just by laughing. Beautiful in every sense of the word, although some people might not understand.
- Introduced to her by the star of Teatro Zinzanni, and a very funny lady. She has given me some good advice about starting an improv company, and I appreciate it.
- Former head of the Emmys and still an amazing woman for all her good works.
- One half of the ownership team of the best studio space in Seattle, and for some reason he works for me from time to time. I think he likes me a lot better than his partner does.
- If you ever go to Hula Hula and hear this lovely lady sing, consider yourself entertained. Recently found that she had a similar situation with FB as I did with my work, which makes us understand each other more than she knows.
- My one and only friend from New Zealand. I miss her immensely for her ability to understand my dreams and hopes professionally. She left the crazy business we were in to start a doggie day care. Good on ya!
- They call him Lucky. Great cameraman who has been through more in life than most people his age. Victim of a birthday prank on the big screen at the arena too.
- Former co-worker at CNN. Most known to me as the man who introduced me to the greatest blooper of all time. “He was 70 degrees.” Also had the best sign-on of any of the anchors for his unique name. Now performing at Altitude.
- Former shooter at FSN who I always gave a rough time for putting up FSN banners whenever he’d shoot a high school game.
- Cheerleader from my sister school. Thought she was very cute.
- Big honcho for one of the NBA’s best teams. Wish I would have kept in better touch with him as I miss Texas and would love to come back to work there someday!
- One of the Texas A&M Trio from IDEA Denver. Good guy.
- He is the Canadian Superstar and a funny guy to work with. Enjoyed giving him a rough time when we worked together at Pinnacle.
- Member of my softball team who I think does not get me most of the time, but puts up with me since I have the team.
- Former VP of the SMU student body, and a fraternity brother, Looks exactly like I thought he would in his profile picture.
- She likes to play guys on stage, either that or some character that is unlike who she truly is. Funny lady!
- Producer at my television station who gives me a rough time about my friendship with the former Husky football coach. Probably doesn’t understand me all that well which is what makes me an easy target for his jokes.
- Fraternity brother and former SMU cheerleader best known for being one of the ones that Greg Hood, the Aggie Officer of the Day, drew a sword on for going onto Kyle Field back in 1981.
- My music director at KSMU and the person who hired me at a bar called Confetti. I owe a lot to him for the fact that I still look back on the time we worked together as one of the best times of my life for the time I was able to spend around such great people.
- Great attorney in Los Angeles who is a good friend of my wife’s from high school. Very helpful when I had the only legal situation in my life as she helped me find the person who eventually helped me prevail.
- Improv classmate who missed the rush of performing on the stage. I wish she could have enjoyed that moment as I think she would have enjoyed it. Should be much more confident of herself than she is as she is good at what she does.
- Worked with me at the college radio station as Traffic Director, which has nothing to do with congestion on I-5. Both lived in Atlanta at the same time but never caught up.
- She was wanting to get onto television and I gave her the opportunity. Young person who has a lot of drive and will eventually go places when she finds the perfect direction.
- Wanted to be my friend from improv connections… and after all, improv is a great family.
- Of all the people I have as FB friends, I have known this person the longest. We went to second grade together after all. Now a successful doctor and new to FB. (get a picture will ya?)
- A member of the Montana Mafia, a group of television professionals from Montana. Works with us when she’s not working with Fox, but could work with us more if she wanted the experience of some higher status work.
- My niece who was the flower girl at my wedding 15 years ago! She has grown up into a woman now, which is hard to imagine as the first time I saw her was turning on and off the merry-go-round at her birthday party all those years ago, and making her laugh.
- Former improv classmate who reminds me all too much of my older sister.
- University of Washington student who came into Musical Improv class carrying full Marine Military Dress Uniform, and proceeded to knock our socks off with his talent in musical theatre. As Doug says, “what says Marine like musical theatre?”
- Former schoolmate at SSS who used to give me a rough time about being a Georgetown Hoyas fan. Amazingly, I am not a Hoya fan anymore.
- Co intern coordinator at CNN with me, and someone who inspires a lot of people these days. Happy to see he has found his calling.
- The most numbers oriented talk show in the history of sports radio. Married a sports anchor and moved to Utah where he is amazing the listeners there. Got a raw deal here in Seattle where he wasn’t the most understood host, but no one, I repeat, no one did the homework this guy did every day,
- Creator of Cure Improv and one of the true good guys. Came to work for me at a Gym event just to experience the event. Hope he will be a great part of the Oven group.
- Cougar and great cameraman who came to my defense on many occaisions when I was misunderstood at FSN.
- Intern I had a crush on at CNN, who moved into my apartment. Before you get any ideas, she moved in when I left for Seattle. Owns one of my Georgetown chairs and is married to one of the other producers from those days at CNN.
- This woman makes me look good as she gets replays on in lightning fast speed at the U. Very hard worker and nice too… great combination.
- Former news director at FSN and probably one of the most educated people I know. How he ended up in sports, I’ll never know. Hope he lands on his feet soon!
- Former Sports Information intern at SMU who has gone on to big things in the cyberworld after a career in TV. Understands the power of FB better than just about anyone.
- Member of the awesome 201 squad that killed before my 301 show. Very funny improviser who invited me to his birthday party the day I got some sad news. Couldn’t make the party, but always appreciated the invite.
- Amazing photographer who might be the best in the business. Happens to be a pretty good high school basketball referee as well. We shared many a media day together for High School preview cover sections.
- One of my new close friends. A kindred spirit if I ever had one. Like me, has a spouse who does not understand his love for getting up in front of a crowd and making them laugh. I think one day he and I will do a duo comedy show… mark these words.
- Softspoken photographer on my U crew. Always does good work, but also takes amazing vacations. Must be nice.
- Becoming like a little sister to me. Transplant from the south trying to figure out Seattle. Talked her into staying with one of her hobby loves and I think she is glad she did. Hope we can perform on the stage together someday.
- She was on my bus in “middle school” and I thought she didn’t like me. Turns out she was a nice person, and I am happy to have caught up with her on FB.
- Probably my closest friend at CNN and is now traveling the country at golf tournaments. Thankful for the friendship as the CNN tenure was not one of the easiest times in my life, but he seemed to make it easier.
- He said I used to be on his talk show back in Texas, and I seem to remember doing that. Might hold the record for most self confident status updates in the history of Facebook.
- Former PR person at the cable network. How someone hasn’t fallen in love with this woman is beyond me. Always a great sounding board in my darker days at the net.
- Did you ever have one of those people that you dated even though it seemed more like a rivalry? This person did just that… she was the one that everyone thought should be going out with me and I with her. I guess they just wanted to pair off the smart alecks.
- I met up with her through a mutual friend and tried to help her with career choices. She seems to have done pretty well.
- The leader of Jet City Improv and person who made me understand that it takes more than rehearsing to make a good improv group. You have to genuinely know and like each other as well.
- Host of the Musical Misery Hour on KSMU and a very funny fellow.
- Introduced me to my long time college girlfriend, and for that I will always thank her. \
- Friended me because we both had a liking for Groucho, and early in my FB career, that was good enough for me. Wife probably wonders about her icon though with the long legs in fishnets.
- (Missed the cut and paste!) Talented improviser who I wish I had known as an improviser when she lived here. Worked with my wife at the radio station and I kept hearing "she's so funny, you have to see her perform." Oh how I wish I did, because I probably would have started improv much earlier!
- Big guy with a huge talent for improv. Also best friend of another improv friend and one of the conductors of the Train of Thought. One of the best deep voices in the biz.
- Photog for me at FSN and now doing a lot of the work on highlights on my high school show on the local station.
- Substitute teacher for the 300 class at UP and very talented guy. Didn’t know how well he was thought of until a couple of years later.
- My most unique friend who helped me realize you don’t need sounds to communicate how much someone means to you. Happy to have reconnected after 15 years and glad to hear she’s doing well.
- I understood this guy at first, but getting to know him after he came to my party when others blew it off told me a lot about him. Happy to be a dad he is, and it’s nice to see.
- Wife of one of my softball teammates and Karaoke Diva. Great personality and very nice to be around, unless she’s just lost a softball game when she would smash a ball through your head if you’re not looking.
- An improv classmate at both UP and JCI and stand up comedian. Always seemed to get too nervous at improv, but still killed a lot.
- IDEA counterpart at Illinois.
- He created the only music video I was ever in for a final project in a class. I did a lip sync at Confetti to the song I Love Rock and Roll by Joe Piscopo as Frank Sinatra. We had a limo and everything. Never saw the final product. Oh well.
- Web wizard for high school sports. Left Seattle for Texas and left behind a huge headache from a business relationship with someone we both had our challenges with.
- Member of the Cure Improv troupe. Great characters and nice person.
- Photographer who I first worked with at FSN. Had to support him through his first child who came too early. Tough times, but we talked through it. Good prep for the fact that both my kids were born early and I learned some valuable lessons.
- Former writer for the Times and now the Pied Piper of women’s basketball. Valuable resource for me for my high school show as no one ever helped me more in identifying the best subjects for prep profiles.
- My nephew who lives in Bend. We miss seeing him a lot up here. Says a lot that he is my FB friend when his mom is not.
- Video operator on my crew, and one of the guys who has been most faithful in good work for the show.
- Former Sonics PR guy who was there when it all fell apart, but he landed on his feet.
- We traveled to Spain and France on a school trip. We were left behind on a bus trip and along with some of her classmates, practiced the Night Fever dance from Saturday Night Fever. We performed it at a disco that night. She and I became great pen pals and I have the letters saved to this day.
- My counterpart at Cal Berkeley.
- Former frat brother who is now one of Hollywood’s leading sound guys. He got to work on one of my favorite shows. Pretty cool.
- Number 299. Used to tease me for wearing Jordache Jeans in high school.
- My counterpart at Kansas, and someone who paid me a huge compliment at IDEA Chicago. I will forever be grateful to him for that as it made me realize I was doing the best I could.
- Former member of the Sky-Hi Club in Atlanta with me… okay two things. She missed the cutoff by a half an inch and it’s a club for tall people. Get out of the gutter. Happy to have known her and gone out with her a couple of times when I lived in Atlanta. Classy lady.
- Former salesman at wife’s radio station. Caught up with him a few weeks ago and he seems to be doing quite well at the new station. Tried to hire my wife back to her old job only to be declined. Thanks for trying though!
- One of two people to have two entries as a friend, as this is his/her alter ego.
- Improv’s big man, gentle giant and a big talent. Hope to have him cooking up great scenes soon.
- Standup comedian and member of the Spring 201 family, although he seems to be the estranged member of the family right now. Maybe improv wasn’t his calling, but we all think it could be.
- Okay, I had a crush on her in high school and she knew it. She became an NFL cheerleader and I was over her by then. Funny now as it is her daughter that has become the cheerleader. Not falling far from the tree.
- Afternoon drive DJ for KUBE… and someone I wanted to work with on television. Just didn’t happen, but he seems to be doing just fine.
- Shares a last name with one of my best friends and I know them both from Pro Wrestling, except the people he works with are a lot better looking than the people Steve and I worked with.
- The Ringer. One of the most talented improv people I have ever met and sure to be a star someday.
- Owner of a production company in LA. We always seem to be close to working together but the pieces never seem to fall into place.
- When we met, I thought I was meeting myself at a younger age. Incredible talent when it comes to making good television. Best moment was when he hit an old lady at Stanford. Long story.
- Another member of the 12th Man Productions.
- Softball teammate who we call SportsCenter as every play he makes is a highlight.
- Neighbor and Mom to some of my son’s best friends. Thought she had a remarkable resemblance to Julia Roberts when I first met her. Nice lady.
- Former producer at FSN who got a raw deal when his wife who was…
- An assignment producer at FSN who did great work was abused by an authority figure at the network. Happy to see she’s found happiness as a mom while that idiot ruins another network. We love telling stories about the old days and that interesting “goodbye” letter from the fuehrer.
- Creative talent behind the Betas. Would love to work with her someday.
- Classmate at SSS who has found a higher calling, in spite of the fact he is a dead ringer for former WCW Four Horseman, Arn Anderson.
- Bartender at Zeek’s when I would go there for dinner before improv class. Also works with the Roosevelt football team, which led to one of his players winning an academic segment on my show.
- A truly funny guy who I wish I understood better. The term does not play well with others seems to come to mind, but for talent, he’s hard to top.
- Founder of an independent wrestling company, and someone who put a lot of trust in me. His life is much different now, and seemingly much happier.
- Old high school friend that shared many moments dealing with Coach Casey’s rants.
- Owner of an internet company that I worked with. Too intelligent for me to keep up with.
- Former UW Assistant SID who was always a joy to work with especially back in the Runnin’ with the Pac days.
- Old high school friend who actually gave me his company’s Rolling Stones tickets and went overboard trying to get them to me. Thanks!
- Former morning show host at my wife’s radio station and one of the good guys.
- A guy from high school who could be the big man on campus, but decided to help me start a booster club. Never forgot that.
- Plays on my softball team and seems to live for it every summer. Great teammate.
- Producer at my tv station, hockey fanatic and fellow blogger. Always has a nice word to say.
- Number 300! My counterpart at Florida State University, and a very amazing editor.
- EVS operator extraordinaire and does improv too. How cool is that? Also is a new daddy, which is his favorite and most important role.
- My improv inspiration, and he probably thinks I stalk him. Possibly the most incredible physical improviser anywhere. He wrote the book on Directing Improv. Literally, he did!
- Longtime friend of my wife married to..
- Another great friend of my wife, who deals with a life changing disease every day, and I admire his tenacity to not let it effect his life.
- The shy improviser who just got married. Can do some amazing scenes when she allows herself to do it.
- I finally made it to you my friend! And you know who you are. How we became friends is still interesting to me, but you are genuinely one of the people I most like being around. You always make me laugh and have some nice words. I look forward to our future as friends and so does the Mrs.
- News Director at KSMU who went on to become one of the top radio news reporters in America.
- Teacher of my 301 class and future daddy. He likes biscuits!
- Stand up comedian and classmate in improv. Now works at 30 Rock doing 30 Rock. Very cool.
- Original marketing director at my TV station, and a very talented artist.
- Thought we would develop a TV show together, but it just never happened.
- One of my best friends from the IDEA group, and someone I wish lived closer to me so we could go to some ball games together. Being at Wrigley with him is one of my fondest memories.
- Not a person but a place of Love, Chaos and Dinner, and the place that inspires me to perform every time I go there.
- Friend from High School who I did not know extremely well, but remember fondly.
- Original editor at Prime Sports. We worked briefly together before he went off to do great things in the area of DVD games.
- Sales Manager and brains behind the show that almost got me in big trouble.
- Classmate at SMU and lover of the Gerry Todd Program.
- Entertainer who I have never met, but plugs his shows better than anyone I know on Facebook. Maybe one of 5 people on here I have not met.
- Another I have never met, but became mutual friends with the NASCAR driver friend of mine.
- EVS Operator and one of the few people who believed in me as an event producer from day one, and I will always be grateful for that.
- Regular dinner date before Improv class and one of my closest improv friends. About to become a bride and hopefully a big time cook in the Dutch Oven, a term which she brought into my life and not for the reason you think.
- Someone from my media contacts who I don’t know too well, but he seems to know me.
- My very first improv teacher and one of the great guys I know. Original Almost Live contributor and a genius when it comes to the art of improv.
- A good friend that I lost for a while when a mutual friend interceded. Happily, we are about to reconnect. Father of a Special Olympian who is an inspiration across the country.
- Former producer at CNN Sports and now teaches others how much fun we had and how tough it will be.
- I really thought this guy and I would become good friends after IDEA Chicago, but he seems to have his reasons not to call, even though we work in the same city. Maybe someday.
- He makes me look good and I try to return the favor. Great graphics artist and inspiration for many looks I use.
- Teenage friend who I only knew for a couple of weeks, but we have reconnected and try to be very supportive of each other. Happy she is back in my life, and I am happy for her new companion who gets lots of love.
- Not one person but three. They can make improv a total nightmare… in a good way.
- My chief photographer for my best show ever. Very talented and knows what he does well.
- Contributor to the creation of my television series now screenplay. Producer of a show that should have NEVER went off the air and one of the most in demand speakers on the Beatles in the country.
- Web guy for my show and my station, who will sometimes return an e-mail or phone call.
- My new friend who is part Rollergirl, part Marketing person, all nice and we have enjoyed working together. Says thank you a lot and I like that
- Chief meteorologist for a local station who I knew when she worked at my station. Only person I have ever known to have an audio equipment garter!
- My first broadcast partner now with the KC Royals. Is doing what I always hoped I would do, but we each found what we do well.
- Former TLC host and current radio celebrity. Helped me with a game show I once developed. Miss her on While you were out!
- Dockyard Derby Dame and one of Adjil’s best friends. Sorry about the ending of the Bachelor.
- Courageous woman, and my wife’s roommate at the time when I first met her. Amazing woman to be so optimistic in spite of all that has happened to her.
- One of my wife’s best friends who has given me some important knowledge for dealing with my own family’s challenges.
- I am amazed his picture is on FB as I don’t think his picture is available anywhere else. One of the top DJ’s in the country and now a family man in spite of a very non family friendly program.
- The goddess of the fascia and a damn fine looking woman!
- Local radio newswoman who found me through my blog. Never met her but would like to someday.
- My physical improv teacher and a great inspiration. Hope to perform in front of her one day and make her proud!
- Taught me my original editing system, thank God, as I had no clue how to use a machine I paid 20 K for!
- The Greek God of Improv… and a great guy at that.
- Brother of my wife’s best friend and a great karaoke host.
- Gymnastics fan extraordinaire. Met her through the College Gym board when she complimented my internet broadcasts.
- The most talented person I ever worked with, only to be set of course by a tragic accident involving her beautiful daughter. I think she’s back on track now. Miss working with her and can only wonder what if when it comes to still working together.
- Aussie traffic goddess. Tall too… and twitters. Terrific!
- One of the nicest people I have met in improv. Doesn’t want to be thought of as a party girl, and doesn’t need to worry about it. Down right beautiful woman too.
- Husband of one of my FB friends and sports producer.
- Improv classmate and member of the family. Missing in action.
- I was in love with this woman when I lived in Washington, DC. However she was too hurt by a previous relationship with someone else and could not trust me. She eventually found happiness, and was the inspiration for my oft used line “in the battle of the sexes, I rarely root for my own side.” I can still hear her singing Taylor Dayne songs. She wondered on a recent comment how I keep up with all my FB friends… and maybe this note might help her understand.
- Chyron guru and hard working member of the crew.
- Captain of the crew, dad who has been through a long string of challenges with children and someone I could not really do my job without.
- One of the unique guys I know and dates a Bettie Page like dancer.
- Former CNN International anchor who now works with the team that changed my life, but is no longer here.
- Improv classmate who moved back east just when I started to understand her. Always played a pissed off woman, but she was far from it in real life.
- My improv teacher at UP. Enjoyed his class but he got upset at me when I made the analogy that I felt like a kid who did not like what his 4th grade basketball coach was doing.
- A good friend who I originally thought I should hate as he kind of took my job. However, he ended up being one of my longest lasting work friends and our phone conversations are always comedic.
- The most beautiful girl in my sister school, and now living the life I thought she would.
- We both went to SMU, and covered High School Sports then a college conference.
- A funny lady who seems painfully shy for her amazingly outgoing ability to take the stage.
- Director of some of my shows who wonders why he doesn’t do more for me. Probably because he’s too busy.
- Former Sonics game ops guy who is one of the few who made the trip and actually likes OKC.
- Without a doubt, one of the most importantly influential people in my life. As the first improv teacher who totally understood what I was all about, he opened my eyes to the possibilities of actually succeeding on the stage. I stand in awe of how talented he is and only hope I can repay him someday by performing on stage and making him proud of his trust in me.
¬¬- I first met this guy as an intern at the cable network and he has grown into one of the best cameramen in the country, traveling all over the place every week. The fact he has to balance that with being a family man is a challenge, but one he meets well.
- A talented wrestler, this Canadian is one of the most naturally charismatic people I have ever seen step into the ring. I think he will be on Monday Night Raw someday.
- A utility and cameraman on our crew, he once said he would do anything to work on my high school games. He doesn’t have to beg for work anymore… seems like I always see him on one crew or another… even mine.
- Didn’t exactly get along well with him when we worked together, but this sports turned news anchor has developed an entertaining niche at his new station, and has kept working in the business longer than just about every other anchor I worked with.
- A great basketball player from high school, this guys attitude always gave him an edge. Nice to see him again on FB.
- I first met this woman as an intern at the cable network. She moved into the position of reporter and my only criticism of her was that she did not fish for stories. I think that she had a different calling and I believe she found it as one of the most solid radio personalities and color commentators in the business. She could hold her own doing men’s or women’s games and I think she she should be doing both!
- The other of the Bopsy Twins from improv. She is a naturally funny young lady but needs to open herself to the possibilities. Met her for the first time at a Karaoke party where she got a version of the song she wasn’t expecting. It turned out to be pretty entertaining.
- The co-leader of the IDEA college group, and someone who seems to balance family and work very well.

So there you have it. 300. Every person, a different story. Every person, special in their own way. Thanks to you all for being my friend, real, Facebook or otherwise. I am blessed to know you.

Monday, March 2, 2009

On the subject of Addictive Content

It's a double whammy for you folks today, courtesy of the cybercrack known as Facebook Viral Challenges. You know the ones. Oh, if you are reading the blog, you are probably one of the people who don't have Facebook.

Viral challenges are basically a questionnaire or project that one person does. They then tag, or bring attention to other people that they want to complete the same questionnaire or project they just did. It just seems to keep going and going.
It all began with 25 random facts and grew from there. The latest couple involve a Photoshop project and another questionnaire.

First the Photoshop project. This one is kind of fun. Here are the instructions. You don't even need to be on Facebook to enjoy the creativity you can have, and you can do it more than once. The idea is to create a record album cover for your own band.

1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit "random"

or click

The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"

or click http://www.quotatio

The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"

or click http://www.

Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post it with this text in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

And here is my result:

I added my own touch for the parental advisory, as I always like to raise the stakes in any of these things I do. If you are my Facebook friend, you can get the advisory emblem for yourself in my photo section.

Part two of this entry is 44 questions. It's a Larry King random question quiz with more insight to yours truly. Enjoy.

1. Do you like blue cheese? I have grown to like it, especially when it is paired with beef in a burger or steak.

2. Have you ever been drunk? Yes, but I haven’t had a drink since the early 90’s and even rarely before that.

3. Do you own a gun? No

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? Actually never a big fan of KoolAid.

5. Do you get nervous before a doctor appointment? I always think he is going to find something, and get discouraged when he doesn’t have a simple answer.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I prefer Polish Sausages, but my wife can’t stand to be around me after I have had one..

7. Favorite Christmas movie? Elf.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Milk with Breakfast

9. Can you do push ups? Not as many as I used to.

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring.

11. Favorite hobby? Improv

12. Do you have A.D.D.? Probably, but I never was diagnosed.

13. What's your favorite shoe? My Blue Adidas Superstars

14. Middle name? Dru

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? 1. Can’t wait to go to the improv show tonight. 2. My dogs are obnoxious. 3. Why can’t my daughter eat anything other than waffles.

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water, Half Pepsi/Half Diet, Milk

17. Current worry? Economy and future of the country.

18. Current hate right now? Financial fat cats who did not earn the status, but stole it.

19. Favorite bed sheets as a child? Batman

20. How did you bring in the New Year? Taking my mother in law to the emergency room to treat her broken wrist.

21. Where would you like to go? Australia

22. Name three people who will complete this? Some of my improv friends, although I am not tagging anyone. I like for people to discover these and want to do them for themselves.

23. Do you own slippers? Yes, I misplace them all the time.

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now? A blue adidas soccer goalie shirt

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? Not since the 80’s

26. Can you whistle? Yes and I can do a perfect SMPTE TV Tone too.

27. Favorite color? Blue (Shade: Cobalt)

28. Would you be a pirate? Nope.

29. What song do you sing in the shower? Anything on the radio or Amy Winehouse

30. Favorite girl's name? Charlotte

31. Favorite boys name? Schuyler

32. What is in your pocket right now? My very large key ring.

33. Last thing that made you laugh? A woman sitting in a massage chair at Costco who was jiggling a little much.

34. Last thing that made you cry? A story of on Real Sports about a 6 year old golf prodigy and his dad.

35. Worst injury you've ever had as a child? Bad sprain of my 4th finger on my right hand in 2nd grade.

36. Do you love where you live? I miss the South!

37. Revenge of the Nerds or Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Nerds… I actually have been the gym where they had to sleep. (Bear Down Gym at Arizona)

38. Who is your loudest friend? Me (can I be my own friend)

39. How many dogs do you have? Two – Cubby and Bear the Weiner Dogs

40. Does someone have a crush on you? I don’t know but I do think some people genuine like who I am and maybe love me, but not in a “get it on” sense.

41. What is your favorite book? Biographies.. but of all time – 1984.

42. What is your favorite candy? Sour Patch Kids

43. Favorite sports team? Washington Huskies, Seattle Sounders FC (They haven’t played a game, but I am a season ticket holder.

44. What song do you want played at your funeral? Say Goodbye to Hollywood by Billy Joel… and of course, Amazing Grace.

So there you have my latest entries. Not much of a blog post, but I do want to keep you entertained and let you know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Just off the side of cyberspace!

And if you want more addictive content... welcome me to Twitter. IAmJonHorton. Oh god, more cybercrack! Yikes!

Yours truly,

Johnny Blogger